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Trey Lindekugel




In May 2016 I had just finished up my first year of college at Pacific University. I wish
that I could say that I had a great time and enjoyed every minute of the experience, but I can’t. In early August when my entire football team was moving in and getting ready to practice, I was having total shoulder reconstruction and had missed out on everything I had so eagerly anticipated for 4 years. I spent nearly half my first semester on the sideline and in a brace that kept me awake for hours every night. For the first time ever, I struggled with school and was in a state of depression, despite having already gone through a similar — albeit much less intense — shoulder surgery in my junior year of high school. The year went on and I finished up three months of physical therapy, nine months of rehab, and weekly chiropractor visits, yet I still had little to no range of motion in my entire arm. Despite all of the methods I tried, I was told I wasn’t going to get any better, and I accepted the fact that I would probably never play football again. I love football, but more than anything I just wanted to be able to lift weights again without having to modify nearly every compound lift. After finishing up with school and coming
home, I had chronic pain and stiffness from my neck all the way down my shoulder and back and felt like I was out of options. At that time I couldn’t bench press, couldn’t put a bar on my back to squat, and wasn’t even close to being able to do a pull-up. I was only able to do the bare minimum at my gym, when Kavan, the owner and somebody who I trust a ton, referred me to Aaron from Resilient Human Performance. Within about two days and after a few phone calls, I was already at Salem Press Room to see Aaron for a screening. I was amazed at how fast he got me in and I appreciated the fact that
he stayed late so I had the whole gym to myself. Immediately I could tell that Aaron cared about his clients and would do everything he could to help me out. After about an hour, I learned that I was a lot more messed up than I thought, my entire body having become misaligned from two years of overcompensating for my shoulder. I immediately signed up for the rest of the summer and started working with Aaron every week, Monday through Friday. It only took about two weeks of pushing on my chest and light rehab, along with good humor and motivation from Aaron and everyone else before I already started feeling better. Then a month went by, my exercises had become more and more intense and my range of motion had easily doubled. In addition to my rehab, I had also started seeing Press Room’s chiropractor Dr. Bailey. Soon after, the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulder disappeared. Every week I seemed to progress
faster and after two months went by I was already back to bench pressing and could almost do a pull-up. Now, I have finished up my three months at Press Room and I couldn’t be happier with my progress. My shoulder definitely isn’t 100% what it used to be, but I feel great and I think I’m pretty dang close to my new 100%. I can deadlift now, I am able to do pull-ups every day and I am close to benching more than I ever have before. I am so appreciative of what Aaron, Rob and all of the interns at Resilient Human Performance have done for me. I may not be able to play football again, but I’m back to doing what I love more than anything and am now a much better version of myself. Press Room will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Aaron!

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