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Pam S.




I started running at age 15 and it not only came easy to me but it was something I took to with heart and soul. After college, I especially found success in ultra-distance running and was able to compete for Team USA at the World Championships 7 times. But in my mid 40’s, I started having problems with my gait and issues with injury. On New Year’s Day of 2021, I turned back to my house crying after less than a quarter mile because my hamstring hurt, and my hip felt completely locked up. Conventional physical therapy helped some, but it didn’t get me back to the level of running that I desired. Desperate, I turned to Resilient Human Performance after it was recommended to me by another client. Admittedly, some of the theories and methods seemed a little strange when I started. But I kept an open mind and was diligent about doing my correctives and exercises consistently. After a few weeks, I was able to start running again, cautiously at first, but with increasing mileage as the weeks passed. With continued work at RHP and a gradual rebuilding of my run training, I competed at the Canal Corridor 100-mile Endurance Run. I not only finished in 2nd place, but I had no pain from my hip or my hamstring! I followed that up a couple months later with track American Age group records (45-49) for 50 miles, 100 km, 12 hrs. and 100 miles at the Desert Solstice Track Invitational. RHP was a crucial component in my recovery from injury. Aaron and his team were great to work with and they crafted a plan specific to my needs to get me back into top form.

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