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Mike Beyrouty




Consistency, knowledge, hard work. If you want to see an improvement in your fitness and health these are the three things you need. Over the past seven months I’ve been enrolled in Aaron’s online training and nutrition plan and have had steady and consistent improvement in both my fitness and health. Aaron brings consistency through weekly check ins and knowledge from a deep understanding of the human body, exercise and nutrition. All I’ve had to do is listen and execute his instruction.
When I started with Aaron, I had chronic low back pain and needed much improvement in my strength, flexibility and overall fitness. Through Aaron’s direction my body fat percentage has dropped, the lower back pain is gone, I’m running faster and am stronger than I have been in 15 years.
If you are willing put in the work, Aaron will bring the knowledge and set you up on a schedule to be consistent in your workouts and nutrition. His weekly conversations will help refocus you on weeks where you don't meet your goals and will help keep you grounded during those weeks you feel invincible.
If you’ve been willing to put in the work, but have struggled with long term consistency, I highly recommend working with Aaron. This is the first training program I’ve done where after seven months I’m still excited to see what I can achieve and have no doubt that I’ll stick with for years to come.

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