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Louis Fullerton




Two years ago at the age of 69, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was already eating a healthy diet, walking (including three years on a Portland to Coast relay team), and taking calcium, but that wasn’t enough to stop my loss of bone density.
I tried a class at another gym and injured myself – one teacher, large class, and nobody really paying attention to how any of us were moving.
I decided against taking medication for osteoporosis due to the possible side effects. Instead, I was lucky to find Resilient Human Performance! I have so appreciated the time Aaron took to teach me how to work out safely, and the ongoing attention as he develops new cards and teaches me new exercises! I also really appreciate the welcoming atmosphere he has developed.
My good news is I just learned there has been a slight improvement in my bone density after my two years at RHP! Coming to the gym is the one big change I’ve made, so I totally believe that’s why there’s an improvement! Thank you, RHP!

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