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Lori D




When I was 16 in the early 70’s, I had a mishap in gymnastics and tore a piece of meniscus away from the bone in my left knee joint. After that, my knee was swollen and periodically painful until about two years ago when it got to where I could no longer walk without distress.
A second accident happened in 2009 when I was walking across a cross walk. After the light turned green, a school bus that was waiting to turn left onto the one-way street ran into me. The driver said he didn’t see me; a witness said she saw me get hit and fly through the air. From that accident, I have a traumatic brain injury.
About a year ago my doctor recommended me to Aaron’s gym as a way to strengthen my knee after I had stem cell replacement. I made a lot of progress and this summer have gone on several 5 mile hikes. To be able to bend my knee, to use it for, well, walking around – what an amazing change in my life! As my knee progressed more and more, Aaron and I decided we might try pushing the envelope regarding my head injury. I had made very good progress over several years but was at a “stuck” spot. I still have quite a ways to go but thanks to these exercises, I am doing more and the constant headaches are easing up. My balance is improving, as is my memory. I no longer fall easily like I used to although that is probably a combination of strength building as well as brain exercises.
This is something that you really have to work at but if you’re willing to do that, this gym can help. The thing I appreciate the most is that when something is overwhelming or overly difficult, Aaron knows to back it off and chooses a different exercise that fits my needs and helps me improve. Coming here has changed everything for me.

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