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Katie Donovan




As a former South Salem Saxon and current pitcher for the University of Utah softball team, I highly recommend any aspiring athlete to train with Aaron Hague to reach peak performance in their sport. He will help keep you safe and injury-free while pushing you to be the best athlete you can be in a fun, positive setting.
I started training with Aaron at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school as a way to get stronger and quicker for softball. As a pitcher, I am vulnerable to becoming asymmetrical because of the repetitive right-side dominant motion, so we worked hard to make sure I was balanced and stable to prevent injury. I am fully convinced that my background with this style of training is why I can say to this day that I’ve never had an injury that kept me from playing. Being well balanced and conditioned helped me be physically able to play other sports in high school and pitch full games throughout the whole season without my body hating me for it. I can also say that I entered into college physically far more prepared than other freshmen who had just trained on their own. The correct running, jumping, and lifting mechanics he taught me continue to help me in my training and competition through college and my professional career.

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