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Jake Withnell




When I met Aaron Hague at Performance training at the Courthouse Athletic Club, I was a broken down 18 year old high school athlete. I was stiff and had knee and achilles problems. I can say without a doubt that Aaron fixed me and helped build the foundation for my athletic success at the highest collegiate level.

With his guidance and mentorship, my mindset for athletics changed. I thought the only way to achieve success in football was the ‘old school’ methods of focusing on strength and size. Aaron showed me that injury prevention along with functional movements would translate to the field and increase my performance, and he was right. While playing Division-1 football at Eastern Washington University, I was able to stay healthy and reach my full athletic potential. I never missed a game in 4 years and Aaron is the main reason why.

Aaron’s unique ability to identify weaknesses in the body and provide a plan to correct those weaknesses sets him apart. If you want to push the limits and become the best athlete you possibly can, Aaron is your guy.

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