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If you want to get better, whether as an athlete, or recover from whatever happened to you, then you need to be here.I met Aaron after a motor vehicle crash supposedly ended my career as a firefighter. I had the motivation to go as far as I could, but my injuries were significant. A crushed hip and broken pelvis, nerve damage in my left leg left me with the inability to lift my foot past neutral.

When Aaron and I first met, I had just gotten out of my wheelchair when he was hanging me in a harness over a treadmill telling me to walk. Then the work began. Baseline measurements, goals that I laughed at as undo-able, personal attention when I needed to learn a new exercise, new measurements,new exercises, new goal. I had two additional surgeries while working with Aaron and Mihn, and their assistance on preparing prior to the surgeries helped me decrease my recovery time.

For over 18 months I would throw f bombs at Aaron, and he would smile, encourage me to do what is didn't think I could, and make sure I did it right. I have my career back, shocking all my coworkers who cut me out of my own vehicle. Nerve damage, screws bolts, clamps, and a mesh, over a small pile of surgeries didn't discourage them from encouraging me.

If I hadn't moved out of town, you would still hear me at Resilient Human Performance swearing at Aaron and Mihn.

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