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Chris Diglio




Approximately three years ago I had left hip surgery. A month after my surgery I was informed that my femur on my surgery leg was fractured. I was immediately scheduled for corrective surgery. The surgery was complex, due to the need to insert a longer metal prosthetic device in my leg. After some additional trimming of my bones and stretching of my leg muscle, I still was unable to walk properly. Even after the initial physical therapy. I then received medical attention from a number of medical specialists. After being treated by them I got strong enough to be referred to Aaron Hague at Resilient Human Performance. At that time I still wasn’t able to walk very well or to go anywhere without assistance. My concern was whether I would ever be able to walk normal again.
I set up an appointment with Aaron and my journey to normalcy began. Aaron would always greet us with a big smile, very positive and always professional. He always encouraged me not to give up. After being under Aaron’s direction for approximately a year and a half I was excited to see I was walking without a limp. I even walked 5 miles and recently hiked 7 miles at Silver Falls State Park (Wow!). I have to say that God and my husband were with me every step along with Aaron and a number of precious people that wouldn’t give up on me.
I will continue to train with Aaron to maintain my strength and get even stronger. My husband has joined me in the strength training and has experienced the difference this training program has made. I can honestly say that if I wouldn’t have found this program at Resilient Human Performance, I wouldn’t be walking normal. I have my life back. Praise God!

I sincerely would like to thank, Aaron Hague, Resilient Human Performance, Minh Nguyen, Rejuvenation Therapy Pain Clinic, Kristin Hamilton, Acupuncturist and Matthew Bailey, Chiropractic Physician. They all communicated with each other on my progress and medical and physical strength training needs.

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