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Hi my name is Chloe, and I started working out with Aaron summer going into my junior
year of highschool. I started workouts to gain strength for volleyball. I continued workouts until
my junior volleyball season started, but then I stopped due to my busy schedule with school and
practice. I noticed that during the season I became weaker as time went on without working out.
So at the end of my junior year I started workouts in the spring and continued them throughout
summer and my senior season. I would go to volleyball practice then workout with Aaron after.
During the season I felt strong, and my game improved as I continued workouts. My senior
season my team placed 3rd at state. I was voted a Statesman Journal Athlete of the Week, 1st
team all league for the PACWEST conference, Player of the Year for PACWEST conference,
1st team all state tournament and 1st team all state.
I want to thank Aaron and Nathan for helping and pushing me at every workout. I
learned so much about how to workout correctly, and had personal workouts that were best fit to
achieve all my goals as a player. I am also so grateful for all the friends I met while working out,
who made workouts so much fun!

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