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Ben H




I love to run, especially on trails and over long distances. I contacted Resilient Human Performance after months and months of struggling through a reoccurring knee problem. I had it examined and x-rayed, and was told “nothing was wrong.” I went to physical therapy, which helped for about a month, when I re-injured my knee again. I was frustrated and hopeless I didn’t want any more temporary fixes. I wanted to get down to what was really going on and fix it. A friend told me about RHP's philosophy and that he could help me over the phone, since I lived 4 hours away from his gym. From our first call I was immediately comfortable and impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. Even after our initial screening over Facetime, (where he told me everything that was wrong with my posture leading to my imbalances and pain) I was optimistic about getting back to running for the first time in months.
It was a long and slow journey, but Aaron was there working with me every step of the way. He wanted to make sure I not only recovered from my knee pain but that my overall body health and posture improved so I wouldn’t be in pain again. I remember one night I was especially discouraged because of pain in my knee and hip. I told him this and he called me right away and walked through some exercises with me which almost instantly put me back on the right track. It’s not easy to treat problems like these without being in the same room, but Aaron knows just what to look and listen for. After about 4 months of working with Aaron my knee drastically improved and I was back out on the trails. Recently, I participated in and won a very difficult 25k race. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt this wouldn’t have been remotely possible without all of my hard work with Aaron. It’s good to be back and feeling better than ever!

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