Let me start this blog by stating that I am not writing this because I think that everyone needs to look like an Instagram model or something off of project runway. I am writing this because I can see the direction that we are headed as a 1st world country, and I want to do my part to stop it.

We are as a country becoming increasingly sicker with every passing year and I believe that a shift in unhealthy body composition and extremely high levels of high blood sugar are creating the perfect scenario for autoimmune conditions, diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease to run wild.

I believe there are eight keys to creating and maintaining a healthy weight. Part 1 discusses the first two of the eight keys to the Resilient Human Performance’s process to maintaining a healthy and efficient body that feels good and looks good.


Put simply, fasting is the abstinence of food and certain liquids for a period. Fasting has many health benefits, but the longer that you abstain from food the deeper the body goes into healing, fat utilization for energy, and inflammation clearance and detoxification of the body. Think of it as turning on a garbage truck that comes by and hauls all your trash that you don’t need whenever you fast. Speaking specifically to fat loss,

  • at around 15 hours your body begins the process of becoming fat adapted and starts increasing the use of stored fat as its energy source.

  • At around 36-48 hours the body drastically increasing the use of fat for energy. It is at this point many experiences something called the “keto flu” which can include symptoms such as nausea, constipation, headaches, and fatigue. The longer that you fast the deeper you go into fat adaptation and use of fat for energy so if you can, keep going! Here are some general recommendations I give to clients for fasting: There are 3 types of fasting that we encourage at RHP:

  • Daily fasting o Daily fasting is usually around 12-16 hours.

  • Weekly fasting o Weekly fasting goes anywhere from 24 hours to 48 hours.

  • Quarterly fasting o Quarterly fasting (or, every 3 months) is usually 3 to 7 days

I generally recommend that people start with daily fasting and gradually introduce the others into their life. Think about progressing as follows (stay at each level for 1-2 weeks):

  1. Daily fasting:

  2. Start with an 8 hour fasting daily

  3. Progress to 12 hours daily

  4. Progress to 16 hours daily

  1. Weekly fasting (once you reach 16 hours of daily fasting consistently):

  2. Start with a 24 hour fast

  3. Progress to 36 hours weekly

  4. Progress to 48 hours weekly

  1. Quarterly fasting:

  2. Every 3 months try to push your quarterly fast out an additional 12-24 hours ***Safety note: beyond 2 days of fasting there are safety precautions that need to be observed!!! Please check out the members area of the website for more info on this or talk to your nearest RHP trainer! Enjoy! And remember all you gotta do is just not eat!


It is highly encouraged that 90% of your food consumption revolves around the RHP Food Pyramid. The Resilient Human Performance nutrition program comes directly from Dr. Terry Wahls book, “The Wahls Protocol.” The Wahl’s protocol was created after the author, Dr. Wahl’s, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and after reaching a point of desperation with nowhere else to turn utilized nutrition to heal her body. Dr. Wahl’s has since made it her life’s mission to spread the word of nutrition as a miracle cure for multiple sclerosis and many other auto immune conditions.

For your convenience I have provided a short description of each level of the RHP food pyramid, but it is not enough information for you to really sink your teeth into the program (ha ha ha) ...sorry. For more information check out Dr. Wahl’s book or the RHP members area. The RHP food pyramid.

Level 1 – The foundation – VEGETABLES and fruits The base of the RHP food pyramid is made up of 3-9 cups of vegetables per day. The pyramid base will overflow your plate, pack your body with nutrition and leave you feeling full and energized. These 3-9 cups are a lightning bolt of vitality to your body.

Level 2 – Animal based protein The 2nd level of the RHP food pyramid is made up of 9-21oz (1 cup – 3 cups) of animal- based protein. Since not all animal-based protein is created equal we will delineate what is the right things to eat and the ones you should stay away from.

Level 3 – Enzyme rich foods The 3rd level of the RHP food pyramid is made up of enzyme rich foods. As we age, our ability to properly digest and absorb nutrients from the food we consume degrades. This is further exacerbated when we consume toxic foods like those that are common in the SAD diet as described above. Enzymes facilitate the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the food you consume. The first 2 levels of the RHP food pyramid is an aggressive shot of nutrition into your body. The 3rd level, enzyme rich foods, is going to help you absorb those nutrients.

Level 4 – Iodine rich foods Iodine rich foods help the body by supporting the thyroid gland (for metabolism and energy levels), white blood cells (attacks and kills invading viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells), and the processing and elimination of heavy metals like lead and mercury from the body. This last point is extremely important as toxins and heavy metals can become stuck in your body both in your fat stores and in your brain. When this happens, you are much more vulnerable to enlarged thyroid, under-active thyroid, and difficulty clearing infections such as Lyme disease, diseases of the brain and of the heart.

Level 5 – Fats The 5th and final level of the RHP food pyramid is fats. Fats are essential to normal biological function. Fats provide energy for the body, support cell growth, help with the production of some hormones, and assist in the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.

Thus, ends part 1 of RHP’s keys to fat loss and weight maintenance.

Stay tuned in the weeks to come for more tips on how we get people lean, strong, and above all, healthier for life!

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