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Most people live in 2 different worlds when it comes to their nutrition.   

The first world is a gluttonous world that gives into a person’s every want and perceived need.  In the first world they eat however much they want of whatever they want, whenever they want.  They are either happy or depressed in this world.  Good tasting food makes them happy and they like feeling that way.  Following eating those foods they are depressed and shame themselves for once again letting themselves go to "that" place.  

The second world is a “diet” world.  In this world they only eat what they are “supposed to eat”.  This is a boring but very productive world when it comes to this person reaching their goals.  Food is a fuel source for this person and nothing more.  There is no pleasure in what they are eating, only a means to an end, which is reaching their goal of being leaner, stronger, fitter, sexier, blah blah blah blah......

RHP nutrition is the ANTI-diet.

We want you to exist somewhere between both worlds all the time.

 Most of the time you will eat to fuel and maintain maximum cell health in your body.  This is you 80%.  Your 80% will heal, nourish, and maintain maximum life and vitality.  These foods are made-up of your RHP nutrition pyramid and will make you feel good and taste good.  You will eat slowly, chewing your food thoroughly, enjoying the taste of every bite, and eating till you are satisfied, but not full.

20% of the time you will consume whatever you want.  These foods exist in the first world that you lived in before, but this time its different… will not stuff yourself or binge in a daze of crack-head addicted fog.  Rather you eat with purpose.  Prior to eating those foods you will consume your 80% for the day; filling your RHP pyramid first.  Then, when you do decide to have some of those 20% foods it is not to eat till full or even till satisfied.  The purpose is to merely whet you palate and give you a taste.  A treat that will be temporary.  A mere taste, not an entire meal to medicate you from the stressful day you had at work, school, or the drive home.  It is a treat to be enjoyed.

 Outside of those 2 worlds is a third area of RHP nutrition.  The fasting side.  It is normal for the human body to go through periods of feeding and periods of fasting.  Here in America it is rare for us to engage in any fasting beyond what our unconscious hours allow.  However, there are many uncommon benefits that can be gleamed from habitual fasting practiced beyond that 8-12 hour period so common to Americans when they sleep. 

Part of the RHP nutrition program is to access the mysterious and life giving benefits to longer term fasting.  These habitual periods of fasting will heal your intestinal tract; empower you to have self control over food; clear out old, dying, dysfunctional, and even cancerous cells in your body; stimulate cell repair and renewal; make you feel younger and revitalized; even make you feel energized and at peace.

The purpose of food is to fuel you.  The purpose of fasting is to heal you.  Please do some of both (…….and somewhere in-between have a couple bites of a cinnamon roll).

When you are ready to balance your world of nutrition Resilient Human Performance will be your guide.

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