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I spend so much time helping others work towards their heath and

fitness goals that sometimes I forget about mine. Over the last few

weeks I’ve been dialing in my workouts. As I’ve written my own

training cards I realized I had left off a tried and true workout which

is great for everyone.

The Program Minimum

A variation of the original creation by Pavel Tatsouline of Strong First,

this modified program minimum is a simple workout that is

just…swings, turkish get ups, and inverted rows or pull-ups.

The Program Minimum is a 21-minute workout designed to

MODERATELY challenge you.

It is not intended to be a max effort workout nor is it intended to be

the only workout you are doing.

It should be performed once to twice a week on a consistent basis

and is designed to COMPLIMENT your current training program.

The most important benefit of the program minimum is it’s ability to

maintain your training volume. No longer will missed training weeks

leave you falling behind in your fitness goals. The program minimum

will help maintain/improve your strength, power, cardiorespiratory

endurance, joint mobility and joint stability.

The beauty of the program minimum is it can be tailored to your

abilities. Simply changing the way you breathe, through your nose

instead of your mouth can be extremely challenging to your fitness

levels. There are more details on how to progress the program

minimum below.

I encourage you to incorporate the Program Minimum into your

Resilient Life.

Basic design of the Program Minimum

o 1 st : 5 minutes of Swings

KB swing

o Perform 10 kettle bell swings at the top of every 30s for 5


o 2 nd : 1 minute rest

o 3 rd : 15 minutes of Turkish Get up (TGU’s) and inverted rows/pull-ups

Turkish Get up

Inverted row

Chin up

For example:

  • 1 st minute perform a R arm TGU

  • 2 nd minute perform a L arm TGU

  • 3 rd minute perform 10 inverted rows/5 pull-ups

  • 4 th minute perform a R arm TGU

  • etc.

Progression of the program minimum

o Level 1: 2 – arm swings (breathing through the mouth)

o Level 2: 2 – arm swings (breathing through the nose)