With more than 10 years of experience, training, and exposure to every kind of nutrition program imaginable I can tell you there is a right way and wrong way to use food in your life.

RHP nutrition is the anti-diet

We are not trying to count calories.  There are no supplements to buy.  There are no meal plans.  There is real life and real food and how you interact with both will determine your success.


RHP nutrition is designed to maximize your body’s potential by utilizing three principals as the foundation for the way you live your life with food:

    FEEDING - Prioritizing nutritionally dense foods and foods that assist in nutrient absorption.

    FASTING - Utilizing fasting techniques to cleanse, detoxify, and heal your body.

    PORTION CONTROL - Emphasizing behavioral modification techniques to continue to enjoy the foods you love in limited quantities.


The feeding side of the program is a radical change in how you think about what you eat.  You will select foods that are nutrient dense and healing to your body with a priority on those that reside within the RHP pyramid

The pyramid is made up of:

    Vegetables (green leafy, multicolored, and sulfur rich)

    Protein (animal based)

    Enzyme rich foods (in the form of raw foods, soaked nuts/seeds, and fermented foods)

    Iodine rich foods (in the form of sea vegetables)

    Fats (animal and nut based oils)



The fasting side is a pause from the consumption of food to prioritize cleaning house.

    We fast daily for multiple hours to give your body rest.

    We fast weekly for multiple days to cleanse and detoxify your body.

    We fast quarterly for longer terms to heal your body.


If there is a third arm to RHP nutrition it would be that other 20% of your feeding.  What I mean by that is 80% of the time your food should come from the pyramid.  The other 20% should come from anything outside of the pyramid.


I don’t want you to be perfect.  I want you to learn to live with these foods because they are inevitably a part of your life.  I want you to be able to go to a party, have some pizza and a beer(within certain limits), wake up the next day and feel AMAZING!!!!

It is possible.  I promise.  It just comes down to tracking your food log, journaling, talking to me, and practicing the strategies I will give you to overcome this mountain of a problem that EVERYONE faces.

So, let’s move forward with focus and attention on the goals we have set and the principals within the RHP system to make those happen.



With the nutrition program you have support from Aaron, who guides you through a program which is designed for you. 

Become a part of a community with like minded individuals, striving for a healthier way of life.

Have access to easy to make recipes which are delicious and provide the nutritional density you need to fuel your daily life.

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