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Empowering you to overcome your limitations so you can live your best life.

At RHP we envision a world where individuals don’t just get by, they thrive. They move well without pain; they enjoy enhanced energy, and are easily able to overcome injury, stress, depression, fatigue, or sickness. They live their best life. This is the true meaning of Resilient Human Performance.

...Aaron’s program is on par with the best in the country. I would highly recommend training with Aaron – his training is individualized, effective, and he will push you to achieve goals you didn’t think you were capable of reaching.


-Lauren D.

we are more than just a gym


No matter your fitness goals RHP designs a program tailored for you. It doesn't matter if you are a busy professional, enjoying the retired life or recovering from an injury. RHP always creates an individualized program just for YOU.

Work Desk


Perfect for when you want the expert care and knowledge of RHP but need to work out somewhere else. It doesn't matter where you live or what you do for work RHP can design a program specifically for you.


Ideal for athletes looking to improve performance, have a successful season with reduced chances of injury, RHP works with you to design a training and conditioning program specific to meet your  sports needs and goals.



What you put into your body impacts your form and function. The RHP nutrition program is developed for your personal goals. You receive one on one coaching and become part of the RHP Nutrition community.


Resilient Human Performance has created pricing options to meet your needs. Plus we offer a special FIRST RESPONDER discount.

Click the button to download the pricing guide and learn what other discounts we offer.

results you deserve

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Aaron and Nathan have found the weak areas of me and helped me to strengthen them. They made my goals their goals. They have taken the time to care for the mental and emotional side of my sport. They have helped me in injury prevention. They have helped me to become elite. I have accomplished things like becoming a Division 1 All-American and competing in the U.S Olympic Trials that I only dreamed I could do, but RHP has helped me turn my dreams into my expectations.


Thank you, Aaron and Nathan, for all that you have done for me and all that you continue to do for me. Resilient will forever be one of my favorite places because I can spend time bettering myself in a safe and knowledgeable environment where I know I am not only taken care of as an athlete, but as a person.

Kaylee M.

meet the team



President and Founder

Aaron is the president and founder of Resilient Human Performance. With over ten years in the fitness industry he began RHP in December of 2016. After completing his Bachelor of Exercise Science degree from Oregon State University in 2010, he began his training career with a local fitness corporation.

He wanted to create an environment in which he can serve individuals with a wide spectrum of physical fitness needs in a cost effective manner. A place where his clients can receive the quality of care they deserve. He does all of this in a fun and uplifting manner. It is not unusual to find Aaron cracking jokes with his clients while still holding them accountable to their fitness goals.

His ultimate desire is to serve all of his clients with the highest of care.



Performance Coach

Nathan graduated from Western Oregon University in 2019 with a bachelor degree in Exercise Science. He began his journey with RHP as an intern.

One of the reasons he chose to stay with Resilient is due to the environment where he can be himself and learn from Aaron. He loves the clients and believes RHP provides the best method of training. Which is one of the reasons why he loves training so much. He gains joy from the satisfaction of helping individuals become a better version of themselves and simply loves helping people. Beginning in 2022, Nathan starts his educational journey to become a certified massage therapist.



Performance Coach

Jesus Graduated from Western Oregon University in 2018 with a bachelor degree in Exercise science. He completed his Internship at RHP in 2018. One of the reasons he decided to work for RHP was to keep learning from Aaron and to train a wide variety of clients. He enjoys the style of training that Aaron has to offer and likes to see people getting results. Helping people reach their goals is what he loves the most about being a trainer.



Director of All Things Amazing

Don't be surprised if you see Tina at the gym dancing and singing as she is working out or managing the behind the scenes action of RHP. She comes to Resilient with a wealth of health care knowledge due to her 20 years as a dental hygienist. Her personal mission is to help others achieve their goals in a supportive and friendly manner. 

Tina's main role is working behind the scenes. She is the RHP media master and organizes all the RHP events. On occasion you might see her helping on the training floor, which is a treat for everyone! 


  • 1:1 initial assessment to set personalized benchmarks.

  • 1:1 follow-up assessments to show progress.

  • Personalized programming.

  • Semi-private training atmosphere.

  • “Open lifting” schedule that allows flexibility for your busy life.

  • Friendly and approachable staff that provide a family atmosphere while at the same time pushing you to improve daily.

  • Close relationships with a medical staff including Occupational Therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists creating a holistic care team to keep athletes and weekend warriors on their fields of play.

  • Group fitness classes tailored to your physical capabilities

  • A community to support and cheer your progress


This is something that you really have to work at but if you’re willing to do that, this gym can help.  The thing I appreciate the most is that when something is overwhelming or overly difficult, Aaron knows to back it off and chooses a different exercise that fits my needs and helps me improve.  Coming here has changed everything for me.


- Lori


RHP has a YouTube Channel. Check it out for technique videos.